Command: DOM Grabber #3

bard edited this page Sep 13, 2010 · 3 revisions

Grabs a XUL element on mouse click. Element under mouse is highlighted and reported in the title bar.


    repl> var res = repl.grab();
    repl> /* click an element in the browser... */
    repl> alert(;


function grab() {
    if(this._workContext instanceof Ci.nsIDOMWindow)
        var window = this._workContext;
        throw new Error('Not in a window.');

    var prevTitle =;
    var prevEl, prevColor;
    function onOver(event) {
        var curEl =; =
            '<' + curEl.nodeName + '> in ' + curEl.ownerDocument.location.href;

   = prevColor;

        prevEl = curEl;
        prevColor =; = '#E6E5C8';

    var repl = this;
    function onClick(event) {
        result.event = event;

    function finished() {
        window.document.removeEventListener('click', onClick, true);
        window.document.removeEventListener('mouseover', onOver, true); = prevColor; = prevTitle;

    var result = {};
    window.document.addEventListener('click', onClick, true);
    window.document.addEventListener('mouseover', onOver, true);
    return result;

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