Use with Conkeror

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To use MozRepl in Conkeror , add the following to your .conkerorrc:

// Mozrepl
if (';1' in Cc) {
  var mozrepl = Cc[';1']
  if (! mozrepl.isActive())

or: (restart will be necessary)

user_pref('extensions.mozrepl.autoStart', true);

or, for one time use:

conkeror -repl

Setting up the repl environment

When hacking Conkeor, you will probably want MozRepl to automatically enter Conkeror’s application context at startup. To do this, first make a file called ~/.mozrepl-conkeror.js which contains the following:

var conkeror = Cc[";1"]

Then put the following code in your ~/.conkerorrc:

let (mozrepl_init = get_home_directory()) {
    session_pref('extensions.mozrepl.initUrl', make_uri(mozrepl_init).spec);

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