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Commits on Nov 15, 2010
  1. @jerub @midgetspy

    Check if WEB_HOST is blank as well

    jerub authored midgetspy committed
  2. @jerub @midgetspy

    IPV6 Support: Respect WEB_HOST if present

    jerub authored midgetspy committed
    Correct a logic error surrounding the WEB_HOST and WEB_IPV6 options.
  3. @jerub @midgetspy

    Provide option under General to listen on ipv6

    jerub authored midgetspy committed
    Listening on :: instead of will provide the ability for
    Sick Beard to provide its service to any connection to the host
    CherryPy supports listening on :: fine, and there should be very
    little effect except on platform that do not have ipv6 support at
    This option should probably remain being off by default just in
    case sick beard is started on a host without ipv6 support and thus
    cannot be reconfigured.
    WEB_HOST is an option that exists but is not able to be set via
    the web interface. This will take precedence over WEB_IPV6.
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