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Epic is a framework designed to keep your domain model implementation fully focused on the enterprise business that your application target, in a infrastructure ignorant fashion.
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Epic.NET - Copyright (C) 2010-2013 Giacomo Tesio

This release contains the following:

/Code           Epic source code, solution, projects
    /UnitTests      Unit test for each project
/Documentation  Epic's documentation
    /en-US          Asciidoc sources for english documentation
    /resources      Images, scripts and stylesheets
    /xsl            Custom XSLs for the docbook toolchain.

/Automation     IDE automation for DDD projects using Epic
    /MonoDevelop    Snippets and Add-Ins for MonoDevelop
    /VS2008         Snippets, Guidance and Add-Ins for Visual Studio 2008

/3rdParties     3rd parties library needed to build the code base

/Tools          projects and tools used during the development

/Challenges     sample domain driven applications implemented with Epic
    /DDDSample      idiomatic implementation of the classical DDDSample 

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