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@dbarashev dbarashev released this Feb 9, 2018 · 291 commits to BRANCH_2_8_X since this release

Release Highlights

GanttProject 2.8.6 comes with cross-application clipboard support. You can now copy tasks and resources between GanttProject windows.


The list of closed tickets is available on release milestone page


We updated some 15+ holiday calendars, added Indonesian translation and updated Croatian, German, Korean and Swedish translations.

Installation notes and system requirements

GanttProject 2.8.6 requires Java Runtime version 7 or higher. We recommend using the latest Java Runtime from Oracle.


Provided that Java Runtime is installed, it is enough to run the installer executable and complete the wizard steps to install GanttProject.

Viruses in the installer
Some anti-virus programs may report viruses in the installer. This is a known issue which happens to installers very often. It doesn't mean that the file is infected, it rather means that antivirus engine have seen malware packed using similar installer.

File ganttproject-2.8.6-r2231.exe was checked by VirusTotal and at the moment of writing this no anti-virus engines reported positive results.

If your engine reports positive result, this is most likely a false positive, provided that the file which you downloaded is the original one. You can check if you downloaded the original file by checking its MD5 checksum. The original checksum of ganttproject-2.8.6-r2231.exe is 2308235f0b46f48f26e15094eb27c509 (case insensitive).

If you can't or don't want to run program which your antivirus engine considers as infected, we recommend using ZIP distribution. It involves no native code (except for Java machine) and doesn't require Administrator priveleges.


Provided that Java Runtime is installed, it is enough to drag GanttProject application into Applications.

Ubuntu/Mint/ other Debian-based Linux distros

Install deb package using your system software/package management tools.

ZIP distro

Provided that java command is available in the command line, it is enough to unpack the archive and run launcher script from ganttproject-2.8.6-r2231 folder. Read more detailed instructions on the Wiki pages.

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