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#!/bin/sh -xe
# README2.linux.words - second file used to create linux.words
# Created: Sun Oct 10 18:50:53 1993 by (Rik Faith)
# Revised: Sun Oct 10 21:26:01 1993 by
# As noted in README.linux.words, extreme care was taken to be sure that
# the linux.words list was free of copyright. This was done so that
# linux.words would be a suitable /usr/dict/words replacement for the Linux
# community. After the initial release of linux.words, Greg Alt
# ( and Josh Richardson ( sent me
# several short lists of words that were not in my original list. They
# obtained these lists by analyzing FAQs and online text material,
# including the Federalist Papers. The results were manually analyzed by
# them before sending the lists to me. In addition, I removed some words
# which were not listed in The American Heritage Dictionary (Second College
# Edition, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1991). This method of obtaining words
# (from documents, not from word lists) is also "safe" from the copyright
# standpoint. Therefore, I am merging these lists in with (version 1) of
# linux.words to create the second version of linux.words.
# move version 1 list
mv linux.words dict.4
# add in proper names (use sort twice to get uppercase before lowercase)
cat dict.4 extra.words | sort | sort -df | uniq > linux.words
# clean up
rm dict.4