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Installs and configures a basic Hadoop cluster on a set of servers. By default, HDFS and MapReduce services must be manually started.



Tested on Ubuntu 12.04


Hadoop user's attributes

  • default['hadoop_user'] => Hadoop user
  • default['hadoop_user_password'] => Hadoop user's password
  • default['hadoop_user_home'] => Hadoop user's home directory
  • default['public_key'] => Hadoop user's public key

Hadoop cluster attributes

  • default['hadoop_cluster_role'] => Hadoop default cluster role
  • default['hadoop_master'] => Master hadoop node
  • default['hdfs_replication'] => Hadoop replication factor
  • default['hadoop_package_uri'] => Hadoop package URI
  • default['hadoop_release'] => Hadoop package
  • default['hadoop_home'] => Hadoop home directory
  • default['hadoop_namenode_dir'] => Hadoop Namenode directory
  • default['hadoop_datanode_dir'] => Hadoop Datanode directory
  • default['hadoop_tasktracker_local_dir'] => Hadoop Datanode directory


Export your chef repository:

export CHEF_REPO=/path/to/your/chef-repo

Install Librarian:

gem install librarian-chef

Go to your CHEF_REPO parent directory and initilize Cheffile file:

librarian-chef init
echo -e "cookbook 'java',\n\t:git => ''\n" >> Cheffile
echo -e "cookbook 'ufw',\n\t:git => ''\n" >> Cheffile
echo -e "cookbook 'hadoop',\n\t:git => ''\n" >> Cheffile
librarian-chef update

Create the Hadoop default role. This role will be used to tag each server within Hadoop cluster. Remember to update hadoop_master attribute so it represents the master server.

cat << EOF > $CHEF_REPO/roles/hadoop.rb
name "hadoop"
description "Hadoop default role"

override_attributes "hadoop" => {
	"hadoop_master" => "<node_client>"


Create a role to set the ssh public key for hadoop user:

cat << EOF > $CHEF_REPO/roles/ssh-pub-key.rb
name "ssh-pub-key"
description "Update ssh_keys databag with node pub key"
run_list [

Create a role to store the hadoop user public key in authorized_keys file:

cat << EOF > $CHEF_REPO/roles/ssh-authorized-key.rb
name "ssh-authorized-key"
description "Update authorized keys on all nodes"
run_list [

Create a role to setup hosts file:

cat << EOF > $CHEF_REPO/roles/setup-hosts.rb
name "setup-hosts"
description "Setup /etc/hosts file on all nodes"
run_list [

Create a role to setup Hadoop Framework:

cat << EOF > $CHEF_REPO/roles/setup-hadoop.rb
name "setup-hadoop"
description "Setup Hadoop package on all nodes"
run_list [
override_attributes "firewall" => {
                "rules" => [
                	{ "data_node_communication"	=> {"port" => "50010"}},
                	{ "task_tracker_admin"  => {"port" => "50060"}},
                	{ "data_node_admin" => {"port" => "50075"}}

Create a role to setup the master server. JobTracker and Namenode will run on this server.

cat << EOF > $CHEF_REPO/roles/setup-master.rb
name "setup-master"
description "Setup Hadoop master node"
run_list [
override_attributes "firewall" => {
                "rules" => [
                	{ "job_tracker_ui"  => {"port" => "50030"}},
                	{ "name_node_ui"  => {"port" => "50070"}},
                	{ "name_node_communication"	=> {"port" => "54310"}},
                	{ "job_tracker_communication" => {"port" => "54311"}}


Java must be installed on all servers. This cookbook requires java which can be installed by the role below:

cat << EOF > $CHEF_REPO/roles/java.rb
name "java"
description "Setup Java packages"
run_list [
default_attributes "java" => {
		"jdk_version" => "7"

Upload all roles

knife role from file java.rb
knife role from file hadoop.rb
knife role from file ssh-pub-key.rb
knife role from file ssh-authorized-key.rb
knife role from file setup-hosts.rb
knife role from file setup-hadoop.rb
knife role from file setup-master.rb

Upload all cookbooks

knife cookbook upload chef_handler
knife cookbook upload windows
knife cookbook upload java
knife cookbook upload firewall
knife cookbook upload ufw
knife cookbook upload hadoop


  1. Boostrap all servers with the following roles:

    knife bootstrap -N <node_name> -x root -P -r 'role[hadoop],role[java],role[ssh-pub-key]'

  2. Remove java and ssh-pub-key roles from all servers:

    knife node run_list remove <node_name> 'role[java],role[ssh-pub-key]'

  3. Add roles ssh-authorized-key, setup-hosts and setup-hadoop on all servers:

    knife node run_list add <node_name> 'role[ssh-authorized-key],role[setup-hosts],role[setup-hadoop]'

  4. Run chef-client on all servers.

  5. Remove ssh-authorized-key, setup-hosts and setup-hadoop roles from all servers:

    knife node run_list remove <node_name> 'role[ssh-authorized-key],role[setup-hosts],role[setup-hadoop]'

  6. Add setup-master role only on the server that will run JobTracker and NameNode:

    knife node run_list add <node_name> 'role[setup-master]'

  7. Run chef-client on the master server.

  8. Go to node[hadoop_home]/node['hadoop_release'] directory and startup NameNode and JobTracker services:

    bin/ bin/

License and Author

Author:: Diego Desani (

Copyright:: 2013, baremetalcloud Inc

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.