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#!/usr/bin/env python
iupac_nucleotides = {
"A": "A",
"C": "C",
"G": "G",
"T": "T",
"R": "AG",
"Y": "CT",
"S": "GC",
"W": "AT",
"K": "GT",
"M": "AC",
"B": "CGT",
"D": "AGT",
"H": "ACT",
"V": "ACG",
"N": "ACGT",
# By default, looping over a dict gives you keys
for code in iupac_nucleotides:
print code
# You can test to see if a key is in a dict
if "N" in iupac_nucleotides:
print iupac_nucleotides["N"]
# You can make it work over values
for value in iupac_nucleotides.values():
print value
if "ACGT" in iupac_nucleotides.values():
print "It's there."
# You can also get both at once
for code, value in iupac_nucleotides.iteritems():
print "{0}: {1}".format(code, value)
somelist = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
# adding a new thing to a list
# list comprehensions are a way to build up a new list
newlist = [i * 2 for i in somelist]
print newlist
# this is the same as
newlist = list()
for i in somelist:
newlist.append(i * 2)
print newlist
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