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#!/usr/bin/env python
iupac_nucleotides = {
"A": "A",
"C": "C",
"G": "G",
"T": "T",
"R": "AG",
"Y": "CT",
"S": "GC",
"W": "AT",
"K": "GT",
"M": "AC",
"B": "CGT",
"D": "AGT",
"H": "ACT",
"V": "ACG",
"N": "ACGT",
# accessing a key not in a dict will throw an exception and exit your program
#print iupac_nucleotides["Z"]
# you could test ahead of time...
if "Z" in iupac_nucleotides:
print iupac_nucleotides["Z"]
# but it is often easier to ask forgiveness than permission...
print iupac_nucleotides["Z"]
except KeyError:
print "Sorry, Z isn't in this dict."
""" that thing above is "trying" to do something. If it gets an exception called
KeyError, it does the thing inside the except. If it gets a different exception it still fails.
print 1 / 0
except KeyError:
print "division by 0 gives a different exception"
# You can also handle an exception (any exception) regardless of what type it is
print 1 / 0
print "Something is wrong."