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Bareos - Graphite - Feeder

Use bareos-graphite-poller.py to read performance data from Bareos and feed it into a Graphite backend.


The default configuration file is /etc/bareos/graphite-poller.conf, which can be adjusted using -c when calling the poller. Here you configure Bareos director access and the Graphite backend.




Output from help:

usage: bareos-graphite-poller.py [-h] [-d {error,warning,info,debug}]
                                 [-c CONFIG] [-e] [-j] [-v] [-s START] [-t TO]

Graphite poller for Bareos director.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d {error,warning,info,debug}, --debug {error,warning,info,debug}
                        Set debug level to {error,warning,info,debug}
  -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
  -e, --events          Import Events (JobStart / JobEnd)
  -j, --jobstats        Import jobstats
  -v, --devicestats     Import devicestats
  -s START, --start START
                        Import entries after this timestamp (only used for
                        stats and events)
  -t TO, --to TO        Import entries before this timestamp (only used for
                        stats and events)

If you use -s last a timestamp file will be created, unique for the options used. On the first call, no data will be imported, on all following calls with this options, all data since the last call will read and transferred. This is suitable to use as cronjob.

Example call: bareos-graphite-poller.py -c /etc/bareos/graphite-poller-jenkins.conf -s "last" -e -j -v

Which will call the poller, using the given configuration file, using timestamps and also process events, jobstats and devicestats.

Details and options

By default some standard metrics will be queried, like number of running jobs, total bytes in backup and statistics per pool, job and clients.

If you are using enhanced device- and job- statistics from Bareos, these can be queried by -v and -j. If you specify -e for events, all timestamps regarding job-start and job-end are submitted as events to Graphite.

See http://doc.bareos.org for more information to enable statistic gathering in Bareos.


The metrics in Grahite will have the prefix bareos.your director name.[clients|devices|jobs|pools].