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docs: add Percona XtraBackup plugin to release notes

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pstorz committed Jan 13, 2020
1 parent 4de9a8d commit ddc168f7770e6e320a66a95d04eca6370ca8c338
@@ -57,6 +57,8 @@ New Features
* Client initiated connection: Run dedicated jobs when a client connects to the |dir|. Introduced a new configuration directive RunOnIncomingConnectInterval, see the documentation here: :config:option:`dir/job/RunOnIncomingConnectInterval`
* Python-bareos: Depending on the distribution, the Python module is packaged for Python 2 and/or Python 3. Previously it has only been packaged for Python 2
* Python-bareos: There are two variants of the Console protocol. The protocol used before Bareos-18.2 and the protocol used thereafter. The protocol since Bareos-18.2 supports TLS-PSK and PAM authentication, see :ref:`bareos-18.2.5`. Beginning with this version, Python-bareos also supports both protocols. As TLS-PSK for Python (module **sslpsk**) is not available for all platforms, Python-bareos has integrated an automatic fallback to the old protocol.
* Percona XtraBackup Plugin: The :ref:`PerconaXtrabackupPlugin` can be used to backup MySQL Databases.
It uses the command line tool *Percona XtraBackup* to create backups. The plugin was formerly part of the bareos-contrib source code repository.

Changed Features
@@ -987,8 +987,8 @@ can also be used to extract single files from the disk image.
.. _PerconaXtrabackupPlugin:
.. _backup-mysql-XtraBackup:

Backup of MySQL Databases using the Bareos MySQL Percona XtraBackup Plugin
Percona XtraBackup Plugin

:index:`\ <single: Plugin; MySQL Backup>`
:index:`\ <single: Percona XtraBackup>`

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