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Welcome to the pgsql-plugin wiki!

Bacula PostgreSQL Plugin

Bacula PostgreSQL Plugin is a utility which support a backup and restore of PostgreSQL database with Bacula network backup system. PGSQL-FD Plugin loads into a Bacula File Daemon using a Bacula Plugin API. It is a first fully functional and publicly available Bacula File Daemon Plugin. Plugin support an online (Hot) backup of database files and database transaction logs (WAL) archiving (with pgsql-archlog) and backup. With online database and transaction logs backup plugin can perform Poin-In-Time-Restore up to a single selected transaction or date/time. Database recovery is performed fully automatic with dedicated pgsql-restore utility.

PGSQL-FD Plugin was funded and developed by Inteos Sp. z o.o..


  • Bacula source code. It could be Community or Enterprise version
  • compiler utilities and libraries
  • PostgreSQL development library - libpq-dev
  • PostgreSQL catalog database - recommended Bacula catalog


  • All about building and installing Inteos PGSQL Plugin you can find on Install page.




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