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Yii2 extension. Attaches events to all ActiveRecord and Controller instances.
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Yii2 event manager component

Attaches events to all application models in a very simple way. You just list your event handlers in config/_events.php this way: [ 'event\sender\ClassName' => [ 'eventName' => [ 'event\handler\ClassName' => 'methodName' ] ] ];

See example below.


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist bariew/yii2-event-component "*"

or add

"bariew/yii2-event-component": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json file.


    Define app component in main config components section like in this example: 
    'components' => [
          'eventManager'=> [
              'class'     => 'bariew\eventManager\EventManager',
              'events'    => [
                  'app\models\User' => [
                      'afterInsert' => [
                          ['app\models\Email', 'userRegistration']

    Explanation: in the example we defined that after creating new User model ('afterInsert')
    Email::userRegistration($event) method will be called.
    Since 1.1.0 you may also not define event manager, but just put _events.php
    into your config folder returning the same 'events' array as in example:

    return [
        'app\models\User' => [
            'afterInsert' => [
                ['app\models\Email', 'userRegistration']
    since 1.3.0 handler can also keep additional data and $append boolean as for Event::on() method eg:
    ... [$handlerClassName, $handlerMethodName, ['myData'], false]
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