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A gem for retrieving Xbox Live Gamertag information from the XboxLeaders API.
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Gemfile Complete rewrite for 2.0. See the changelog for more details.

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A simple wrapper for the Xbox Leaders 2.0 API, which allows you to pull back public information about an Xbox Live user with just their Gamertag. This includes their profile, friends, games played and achievements.

Divergence from API

The Xbox Leaders API has evolved recently and will probably continue to do so now that it has more focus from it's developer. As a result I've made some choices that may not marry up completely with the API documentation, however I feel they are sensible/idiomatic, and where reasonable I've suggested to the Xbox Leaders team that they could make changes directly to the API.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'gamertag'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install gamertag




Override the adapter

client = => :em_http)
client.profile('Major Nelson')

Retrieve a user

Gamertag.profile('Major Nelson')
=> #<Hashie::Mash avatar=#<Hashie::Mash full=" Nelson/avatar-body.png" large=" Nelson/avatarpic-l.png" small=" Nelson/avatarpic-s.png"> badges=#<Hashie::Mash kinect_launch_team=true nxe_launch_team=true xbox_launch_team=true> biography="" freshness="new" gamerscore=63937 gamertag="Major Nelson" location="" motto="" name="" online=false presence="Last seen 1 minute ago playing" recent_activity=[#<Hashie::Mash achievements=#<Hashie::Mash current=36 total=69> artwork=#<Hashie::Mash large="" small=""> gamerscore=#<Hashie::Mash current=770 total=1625> id=1414793340 is_app=false last_played="1372305965" progress=52.2 title="Borderlands 2">, #<Hashie::Mash achievements=#<Hashie::Mash current=43 total=76> artwork=#<Hashie::Mash large="" small=""> gamerscore=#<Hashie::Mash current=825 total=1750> id=1297287449 is_app=false last_played="1372216446" progress=56.6 title="Halo 4">, #<Hashie::Mash achievements=#<Hashie::Mash current=28 total=63> artwork=#<Hashie::Mash large="" small=""> gamerscore=#<Hashie::Mash current=680 total=1600> id=1161890128 is_app=false last_played="1372131482" progress=44.4 title="Battlefield 3">, #<Hashie::Mash achievements=#<Hashie::Mash current=0 total=0> artwork=#<Hashie::Mash large="" small=""> gamerscore=#<Hashie::Mash current=0 total=0> id=1481115739 is_app=true last_played="1371965964" progress=0 title="Xbox Music and Video">, #<Hashie::Mash achievements=#<Hashie::Mash current=0 total=0> artwork=#<Hashie::Mash large="" small=""> gamerscore=#<Hashie::Mash current=0 total=0> id=1297287707 is_app=true last_played="1371335033" progress=0 title="Live Event Player">] reputation=20 tier="gold">

Retrieve games played by a user'Major Nelson')
=> [#<Hashie::Mash achievements=#<Hashie::Mash current=1 total=31> artwork=#<Hashie::Mash large="" small=""> gamerscore=#<Hashie::Mash current=5 total=1000> id=1096157139 is_app=false last_played="1132028299" progress=3.2 title="Gun">, …]

 Retrieve friends of a user

Gamertag.friends('Major Nelson')
=> [#<Hashie::Mash gamerpic=#<Hashie::Mash large="" small=""> gamerscore=21080 gamertag="allad1nsane" last_seen="1371973384" online=false status="Last seen 6/23/2013 playing Max Payne 3">, …]

Retrieve user's achievements

Gamertag.achievements('Major Nelson', 1414793309)
=> [#<Hashie::Mash artwork=#<Hashie::Mash locked="" unlocked=""> description="Kill 20 enemies by knocking them off Columbia." gamerscore=25 id=36 secret=false title="Bon Voyage" unlock_date="1368255380" unlocked=true>, …]


As of 2.0, the codebase is completely re-written, however I'd like to thank David Czarnecki for his contributions, especially for putting up with the original crappy code.


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request


Copyright (c) 2011-2014 Baris Balic, David Czarnecki. See LICENSE for details.

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