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Torino, a pretty theme for LaTeX-beamer

Beamer ( is a LaTeX class that allows you to create presentations. Beamer contains several full-featured (but a bit ugly) themes, so I wrote this pretty theme (but with some missing features) called Torino.

First of all, you have to install Beamer, directly from source or using an already made package for your distro. Then install the theme, on a Unix system just type in a terminal:

$ mkdir -p ~/texmf/tex/latex/beamer
$ cp *.sty ~/texmf/tex/latex/beamer

Now you are ready to use the theme, for documentation read the example files: chameleon.tex nouvelle.tex and freewilly.tex. Compiling them you get some slides with documentation:

$ pdflatex chameleon.tex
$ pdflatex nouvelle.tex
$ pdflatex freewilly.tex


Torino, a pretty theme for LaTeX Beamer



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