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if [ ! -r perlfiles.tar.gz ]; then
# Must be a better way of doing this, but for now just stash
# a tarball of the files that are actually required. Perhaps
# we should install perl separately like we do all the media
# stuff?
echo You need a tarball of the perl stuff
exit 1
GIPDIR=`dirname $0`
TMPDIR=`mktemp -d /tmp/gipXXXXXX`
mkdir "$TMPDIR/perlfiles"
tar xvfz perlfiles.tar.gz -C "$TMPDIR/perlfiles"
makensis -NOCD -DBUILDPATH="$TMPDIR" -DSOURCEPATH="$GIPDIR" "$GIPDIR/windows/get_iplayer_setup.nsi"
mv -v $TMPDIR/get_iplayer_setup*.exe .
rm -rf $TMPDIR
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