A chocolatey package to install a salt minion.
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A chocolatey package to install a salt minion.

Supports /master=yoursaltmaster and /minion=yourminionname parameters. These arguments are passed to the package eg --params /master=yoursaltmaster.

  • Default (no params) values are:
    • master (salt)
    • minion (hostname)
  • Installs as a windows service. This runs automatically
  • Uninstaller no longer requires user confirmation (upstream bug in the Salt uninstaller).

Chocolatey doesn't support dashes in a version. This may cause alternate versioning on the Chocolatey Gallery vs the exe name.

  • 2015.5.1-3 might be 2015.5.1.3
  • 2015.5.0-2 might be 2015.5.0.2
  • 2014.7.5-2 might be 2014.7.5.2
  • etc