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A CouchDB storage driver for Botkit
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Botkit Storage Couchdb

A Couchdb storage module for botkit


$ npm install botkit-storage-couchdb --save


Require botkit-storage-couchdb and pass your config options. Then pass the returned storage when creating your Botkit controller. Botkit will do the rest!

const Botkit = require('botkit'),
    couchDbStorage = require('botkit-storage-couchdb')("localhost:5984/botkit"),
    controller = Botkit.slackbot({
        storage: couchDbStorage
// then you can use the Botkit storage api, make sure you have an id property
var beans = {id: 'cool', beans: ['pinto', 'garbanzo']};;'cool', (error, team) => {


You can pass any options that are allowed by nano.

The url you pass should contain your database.

couchDbStorage = require('botkit-storage-couchdb')("localhost:5984/botkit")

To specify further configuration options you can pass an object literal instead:

// The url is parsed and knows this is a database
couchDbStorage = require('botkit-storage-couchdb')({ 
    "url": "http://localhost:5984/botkit", 
    "requestDefaults" : { "proxy" : "http://someproxy" },
    "log": function (id, args) {
        console.log(id, args);
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