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Here is a brief list of things that still need to be done.
More unit tests:
- - Implement more unit tests for block chain functionality
- Create a MockNetworkConnection and use it to test the Peer.
+ - Reorganize the package layout to be more modular.
+ - Support multiple active wallets.
+ - Allow sorting of transactions by time.
- - Properly support multiple chains
- Start up faster
- - Store a block locator in the wallet
- - Parse the stored headers at startup, then download the rest
- - Provide a seed node list in the NetworkParameters.
+ - Store a block locator in the persisted chain
+ - Use the getheaders command to speed up the initial chain download
- Implement tx fees.
- - Support import of private keys and then extracting its transactions from the block chain.
- Longer term potentially add a getmerklebranch protocol command so we can check 0-confirmation transactions.
+ - Support PeerGroups for holding open/using multiple connections at once.
- Implement a simple Swing GUI payment app.

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