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A cross-browser extension which automatically undoes facebook’s downright shady link destination swapping. More at

How to Install

fb-anticlickjack is cross-browser (courtesy of Kango) and can be installed on Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

  1. Clone the repo (downloads offered soon)
  2. Navigate to /output

Then, depending on your browser:

  • Chrome:
    1. Navigate to chrome://extensions
    2. If not already enabled, enable Dev Mode (top right)
    3. Load Unpacked Extension, and select /output/chrome
    4. fb-clickjack should pop up in the list of extensions. yay!
  • Safari:
    1. Open /output/fbanticlickjack.safariext
    2. Trust the extension and it shall be installed
  • Firefox:
    1. Tools -> Addons
    2. Extensions
    3. Little cog in the top right -> Install Add-on From File
    4. Select /output/fbanticlickjack_0.9.0.xpi
    5. Trust it
    6. Restart it
    7. Configure it
  • Opera:
    1. Open /output/fbanticlickjack_0.9.0.oex
    2. It will install and show you where the button is


Facebook does some über shady stuff. Take a look at this link markup:

<a href=""
	onmouseover="LinkshimAsyncLink.swap(this, &quot;http:\/\/\/a\/world-food-prize-monsanto-syngenta\/5\/4\/?sub=fb&quot;);"
	onclick="LinkshimAsyncLink.swap(this, &quot;http:\/\/\/l.php?u=http\u00253A\u00252F\\u00252Fa\u00252Fworld-food-prize-monsanto-syngenta\u00252F5\u00252F4\u00252F\u00253Fsub\u00253Dfb&amp;h=vAQGPZeS2&amp;enc=AZPU8l070clXWw6LHhO4o4DptNXHUJ-arcfAYrU_b9C9hbEWvbrlI_MaFREKw0ndh6ayQWiStDoBTzV4G_UAy8yAuDGtTxEFHVQMr7kfTgP0ummGczPBxRufyw3VG5TX_gA&amp;s=1&quot;);">They're giving the "Nobel Prize of Agriculture" to... Monsanto??</a>

Messy, huh? The point is, whilst the source of the link is perfectly legit, Facebook added some code which changes where the link points to as you click it. Predictably, it’s routed through their l.php redirector, which is tracking you.

Now, Facebook is more than likely already tracking everything you do, but there’s no reason to hand it over on a silver platter when it’s so easy to prevent.