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namespace BarnabyWalters\Posse;
use BarnabyWalters\Helpers\Helpers as H;
use BarnabyWalters\Posse\Truncenator;
* Description of Helpers
* @author barnabywalters
class Helpers {
* Prepare For Twitter
* Takes some parameters and returns an array suitable for conversion to
* a query string and submitting to the twitter API.
* $text does not have to be under 140 chars, THE TRUNCENATOR is used
* internally to truncate the content and append the $url within 140 chars.
* If $inReplyTo is set and is a status URL, the id will be
* parsed out of it and added to the `in_reply_to_status_id` param of the
* return array.
* Note that twitter will not process a tweet as a reply correctly if the @name of the
* target is not included.
* @param string $text The body text
* @param string $url = null A URL to append to the content, if any
* @param string $inReplyTo = null A URL the content is in reply to
* @return array An assoc. array ready to pass as POST vars to `statuses/update`
* @todo Add some intelligent blockquote/other markdown handling
public static function prepareForTwitter($text, $url = null, $inReplyTo = null) {
// Create the tweet array
$tweet = array();
// We'd prefer the raw summary as it has twitter names (not HTML h-cards),
// but if that doesn't exist just strip tags out of the activity summary
$tweet['status'] = $text;
// Run THE TRUNCENATOR using defaults suitable for twitter
$tweet['status'] = Truncenator::truncate(
$length = 140,
$uri = $url,
$urilen = 20
if ($inReplyTo !== null) {
// Check if there’s a twitter status ID in the URL to use
$tweetPattern = '/https?:\/\/\/[a-zA-Z_]{1,20}\/status\/([0-9]*)/';
$matches = array();
preg_match($tweetPattern, $inReplyTo, $matches);
$tweet['in_reply_to_status_id'] = $matches[1];
return $tweet;
// EOF
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