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Lots of little helpers for processing canonical microformats2 array structures. Counterpart to indieweb/php-mf2.


barnabywalters/mf-cleaner is currently tested against and compatible with PHP 7.3, 7.4, 8.0 and 8.1.

Install barnabywalters/mf-cleaner using composer:

composer.phar require barnabywalters/mf-cleaner
composer.phar install (or composer.phar update)

Versioned releases are GPG signed so you can verify that the code hasn’t been tampered with.

gpg --recv-keys 1C00430B19C6B426922FE534BEF8CE58118AD524
cd vendor/barnabywalters/mf-cleaner
git tag -v v0.2.0 # Replace with the version you have installed


Most of the functions are self explanatory, and all come with summaries in docblocks if something is unclear. This example shows the most common usage:


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// Alias the namespace to ”Mf2” for convenience
use BarnabyWalters\Mf2;

// Check if an array structure is a microformat

$hCard = [
	'type' => ['h-card'],
	'properties' => [
		'name' => ['Example McExampleface'],
		'photo' => [['value' => '', 'alt' => 'a photo of an example']],
		'logo' => ['']

Mf2\isMicroformat($hCard); // true
Mf2\isMicroformat([1, 2, 3, 4, 'key' => 'value']); // false

Mf2\hasProp($hCard, 'name'); // true

Mf2\getPlaintext($hCard, 'name'); // 'Example McExampleface'

Mf2\getPlaintext($hCard, 'photo'); // ''
Mf2\getImgAlt($hCard, 'photo'); // ['value' => '', 'alt' => 'a photo of an example']

Mf2\getImgAlt($hCard, 'logo'); // ['value' => '', 'alt' => '']

$hEntry = [
	'type' => ['h-entry'],
	'properties' => [
		'published' => ['2013-06-12 12:00:00'],
		'author' => [$hCard],
		'summary' => ['A plaintext summary with <>&" HTML special characters :o'],
		'content' => [['value' => 'Hi!', 'html' => '<p><em>Hi!</em></p>']]

Mf2\flattenMicroformats($hEntry); // returns array with $hEntry followed by $hCard
Mf2\getAuthor($hEntry); // returns $hCard. Is an incomplete but still useful implementation of which doesn’t follow links.

// Get the published datetime, fall back to updated if that’s present check that
// it can be parsed by \DateTime, return null if it can’t be found or is invalid
Mf2\getPublished($hEntry, true, null); // '2013-06-12 12:00:00'

Mf2\getHtml($hEntry, 'content'); // '<p><em>Hi!</em></p>'
Mf2\getHtml($hEntry, 'summary'); // "A plaintext summary with &lt;&gt;&amp;&quot; HTML special characters :o"

$microformats = [
	'items' => [$hEntry, $hCard]

Mf2\isMicroformatCollection($microformats); // true

Mf2\findMicroformatsByType($microformats, 'h-card'); // [$hCard]

Mf2\findMicroformatsByProperty($microformats, 'published'); // [$hEntry]

Mf2\findMicroformatsByCallable($microformats, function ($mf) {
	return Mf2\hasProp($mf, 'published') and Mf2\hasProp($mf, 'author');
}); // [$hEntry]


If you have any questions about using this library, join the indieweb dev chatroom, and ping barnaby or ask one of the other friendly people there.

If you find a bug or problem with the library, or want to suggest a feature, please create an issue.

If discussions lead to you wanting to submit a pull request, following this process, while not required, will increase the chances of it quickly being accepted:

  • Fork this repo to your own github account, and clone it to your development computer.
  • Run ./ and ensure that all tests pass — you’ll need XDebug for code coverage data.
  • If applicable, write failing regression tests e.g. for a bug you’re fixing.
  • Make your changes.
  • Run ./ and open docs/coverage/index.html. Make sure that the changes you made are covered by tests. mf-cleaner had nearly 100% test coverage from early in its development, and that number should never go down!
  • Run ./vendor/bin/psalm and and fix any warnings it brings up.
  • Install and run ./phpDocumentor.phar to regenerate the documentation if applicable.
  • Push your changes and submit the PR.




Awoken from their eight year long slumber, the maintainer lurched into activity to release a long-overdue update…

Breaking Changes:

  • Raised minimum PHP version to 7.3
  • Renamed main branch from master to main. If you were requiring dev-master you will need to rename it to dev-main

Other changes:

  • Added support for img-alt structures. getPlaintext() and toPlaintext() correctly return the value value. Added isImgAlt(), toImgAlt() and getImgAlt(), all of which do exactly what you’d expect them to.
  • Initial implementation of removeFalsePositiveRootMicroformats(), to restructure mf2 data into something usable when known non-mf2 h-* classnames are used
  • Added some more tests to improve coverage
  • Set up GH Action CI to test against PHP 7.3, 7.4, 8.0 and 8.1
  • Set up /docs with generated documentation (thanks HongPong!) and public code coverage info
  • getAuthor additionally looks for an h-feed author property (thanks aaronpk!)
  • Moved deeply nested Functions file to a shallower location for convenience
  • Started signing release tags to enable verification
  • Updated readme usage





  • Fixed issue causing getAuthor to return non-h-card microformats




  • Initial version


Allows easy, reliable manipulation of canonical microformats 2 data structures.







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