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Commits on Apr 29, 2015
  1. Updated dependencies

Commits on Oct 6, 2014
  1. Updated readme

  2. Improvements to getAuthor function

    * Made nonstandard portions of the algorithm optional
    * Returned string (URL, in theory) rather than first h-card found if no
      reliable author h-card was found
Commits on May 16, 2014
  1. Fixed issue causing getAuthor to return non-h-card microformats

    In cases such as as of 2014-05-16, where a page has one h-entry without an author property, and a separate h-card *after* the h-entry representing the author,
    getAuthor would incorrectly return the h-entry (or any other microformat with a url property with the same hostname as the h-entry) rather than the h-card.
Commits on Nov 13, 2013
Commits on Oct 30, 2013
  1. Updated to sync with php-mf2 v0.2

    * Updated readme
    * Added isEmbeddedHtml checker
    * Added getPlaintext, getHtml and *Array version of both
    * Removed all dependencies
    * Updated tests
Commits on Oct 2, 2013
Commits on Sep 30, 2013
Commits on Aug 28, 2013
  1. Corrected bad semicolon

Commits on Jul 9, 2013
  1. Merge pull request #3 from sandeepshetty/patch-1

    Refactoring (subjective, so feel free to discard)
  2. @sandeepshetty


    sandeepshetty authored
    Refactored isMicroformat() and isMicroformatCollection() to describe what they are, rather than what they aren't and removed multiple indirections from hasNumericKeys()
Commits on Jun 22, 2013
Commits on Jun 19, 2013
  1. Added installation, usage and contribution info to README

    Added Carbon as an explicit dependency, required PHP >= 5.3
    Removed unnecessary argument in function signature
  2. Merge pull request #2 from pfefferle/master

    same as in my last commit — back compatible PHP array syntax
  3. @pfefferle
  4. Merge pull request #1 from pfefferle/master

    PHP 5.3 back-compatible array syntax usage
  5. @pfefferle

    this is more php-like

    pfefferle authored
    i get a parse with the following syntax "[]"
Commits on Jun 17, 2013
Commits on Jun 16, 2013
  1. Added option to not flatten microformats when searching

    Allows app to cache flattened version if they want
  2. Removed overly-strict requirement of no-non-array values, added test …

    …for isMicroformat returning true if mf.value is set
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