A composer-enabled fork of Josh Fraser's PHP Pubsubhubbub publishing client
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A composer-enabled package containing various PHP classes for using Pubsubhubbub.

Current contents:

  • Josh Fraser's PHP PuSH publishing client


Install using Composer. If you don't already have composer, download it per their instructions. Then:

  1. Add indieweb/push to your project's composer.json file, so it looks a bit like this:

     	"require" : {
     		"indieweb/push": "*"
     	"minimum-stability": "dev"

    If you've never used composer, this is just specifying that your project needs the indieweb/push package in order to work, it doesn't matter which version you get, and it's all right to use packages which are in development.

  2. Run php composer.phar update

  3. Provided there were no errors, you should now have indieweb/push installed


indieweb/push supports psr-0 autoloading, so using the classes is easy provided you're familiar with PHP namespaces.

Say you want to use the PuSH publisher (class for pinging hubs to let them know of updates):

// This script pings a hub

use indieweb\PuSH\Publisher;

$p = new Publisher('http://pubsubhubbub.appspot.com/publish');

$p -> publish_update('http://domain.tld/path/to/your/feed.atom');

// EOF

TODO: Add more usage examples and documentation as more classes are added