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Thank you for wanting to contribute. We welcome contributions from everyone, both inside and outside Barnardo’s.

If you’re unfamiliar with:

Getting started

First, install Node.js.

Then run these commands:

  • npm install - install all dependencies
  • npm start - start a development server

You can watch tests using:

  • npm run watch-unit-tests
  • npm run watch-e2e-tests

Before creating a PR you should run:

  • npm run format
  • npm run test

Use npm run to see a list of all the other available commands.

Known issues

If you encounter an error, try deleting the .cache folder in the root of the project and run npm start again.


The providers are:


Deployment URLs:


You should first publish to npm:

  1. Run npm --no-git-tag-version version major|minor|patch to bump the version number in package.json and package-lock.json.
  2. Update and replace "Head" with the new version number.
  3. Create a Pull Request with these changes.
  4. Merge the Pull Request.
  5. Run npm publish

Then release to GitHub:

  1. Create a new release.
  2. Enter the version number for the "Tag version" and "Release title".
  3. Copy and paste the version items from
  4. Publish release