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Connect to a Battlefield 3 (and probably others) server with Node.JS
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battlefield v0.1.0

A library for Node.JS to connect to a Battlefield 3 (and probably other versions, like Bad Company 2) server, and perform commands.

I will be expanding on the documentation later, but this should be enough to get you started:


To install, make sure that you install Node.JS v0.6.x and the latest npm. v0.6.x is the stable version of v0.5.x, and is needed for its expanded Buffer capabilities. Then, run npm install battlefield

Sample Code

var bf = require('battlefield')
  , client = bf.connect('BF3', '', 1234); //logging in is optional, but you can only do a few commands.'password'); //this handles hashing the password so it is not sent over the wire in clear text
//even easier: client = bf.connect('BF3', '', 1234, 'password'); //automatically hashes the password for you

//Commands are queued until you are connected and logged in
//Commands, for the most part, follow the syntax of the server commands.

client.version(function(err, v) {
  if(err) throw err; //if err has a value, the request failed, otherwise it was a success. Err will contain the error message from the server.

  console.log(v.version); //responses are automatically formatted into an understandable object with their values casted as necessary

//If you want to construct commands on your own, with no casting of the response (you just get an array of strings back)
client.command("listPlayers all", function(err, words){
  if(err) throw err;


  client.quit(); //close connection
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