Simple helper / wrapper for the Mautic API Library and MauticSimpleEmailBundle plugin
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Mautic API Helper

Requires the Mautic Simple Mail plugin to be installed.

With basic auth

BarnebysMautic\Auth::initializeHttpBasic('username', 'password');

With oauth


Fetch a contact id by email

try {
    $data = BarnebysMautic\Api::getContactIdByMail('');
} catch (BarnebysMautic\Exception\ContactNotFoundException $exception) {
    // Handle error

Handling Contacts

Creating a contact
BarnebysMautic\Api::createContact($email, array $fields = [);
Updating a contact

Updating a contact will do a PATCH and only update specified fields in the array.

BarnebysMautic\Api::updateContact($email, array $fields = [);

Sending emails

When sending emails you can with ease use sendToContact and just set the email and a templateId. If you need to pass on some custom fields to be used in Mautic those can set as a key => value array for parameter 3. When sending values contain HTML and to disable Mautic HTML escaper set the 4th parameter to true.

Sending a email with custom fields
$tokens = [
    'custom_content' => 'This will value will be available in mautic as {custom_content}'

sendToContact($mail, $templateId, $tokens)
Sending a email with html content
$tokens = [
    'html_content' => '<span>This html content will not be escpaed</span>'

sendToContact($mail, $templateId, $tokens, true)

Other available methods

sendToLead($mail, $templateId, array $tokens = [], $html = false)
sendToContact($mail, $templateId, array $tokens = [], $html = false)