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Python library that implements the Minecraft network protocol and data types
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Quarry: a Minecraft protocol library

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Quarry is a Python library that implements the Minecraft protocol. It allows you to write special purpose clients, servers and proxies.


Use pip to install quarry:

$ pip install quarry


  • Supports Minecraft versions 1.7 through 1.14.4
  • Supports Python 2.7 and 3.5+
  • Built upon twisted and cryptography
  • Exposes base classes and hooks for implementing your own client, server or proxy
  • Implements many Minecraft data types, such as NBT, Anvil, chunk sections, command graphs and entity metadata
  • Implements the design of the protocol - packet headers, modes, compression, encryption, login/session, etc.
  • Implements all packets in "init", "status" and "login" modes
  • Does not implement most packets in "play" mode - it is left up to you to hook and implement the packets you're interested in
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