A bot for team-absence in slack
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🌴 franvaro 🌴

A bot for managing team-absence in slack

How to Run:

  • npm install
  • Create .env
  • Insert TOKEN=Your Slack Token and NAME=YourBotName in your .env
  • Run node index.js

What it does:

This bot creates a list of team-members who are absent. To put yourself on this list, just write something like franvaro: ich bin abwesend (yup it's german). The bot will answer and put you on the list. To remove yourself from the list, just say something like franvaro: ich bin anwesend.

The important keywords are franvaro and abwesend or anwesend. To see the complete list, just type franvaro: status. If something does not work, franvaro will inform you.