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Disable, for now, the bindings for popless:start-command

They're not very polished, with the contexts and commands situation
being so fluid for now.
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1 parent d2fd2f7 commit dcd48ad47e4d55553e8d00fc32176e3b9548fa8a @davidben davidben committed Aug 22, 2010
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4 keys.c
@@ -211,8 +211,12 @@ void owl_keys_setup_keymaps(owl_keyhandler *kh) {
BIND_CMD("C-c", "popless:quit", "");
BIND_CMD("C-g", "popless:quit", "");
+ /* Don't bind popless:start-command for now, as most commands make
+ * no sense. */
+#if 0
BIND_CMD(":", "popless:start-command", "start a new command");
BIND_CMD("M-x", "popless:start-command", "start a new command");
BIND_CMD("/", "popless:start-search", "start a search command");
BIND_CMD("?", "popless:start-search -r", "start a reverse search command");

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