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Docker-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Barnaby Gray <> (github: barnybug)
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1 parent 6d6ec5e commit bf6adf952b573d10d5e2eb1a08e382ea6182a5d0 @barnybug committed Mar 1, 2014
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+# - docker completions for fish shell
+# This file is generated by from:
+# To install the completions:
+# mkdir -p ~/.config/fish/completions
+# cp ~/.config/fish/completions
+# Completion supported:
+# - parameters
+# - commands
+# - containers
+# - images
+# - repositories
+function __fish_docker_no_subcommand --description 'Test if docker has yet to be given the subcommand'
+ for i in (commandline -opc)
+ if contains -- $i attach build commit cp diff events export history images import info insert inspect kill load login logs port ps pull push restart rm rmi run save search start stop tag top version wait
+ return 1
+ end
+ end
+ return 0
+function __fish_print_docker_containers --description 'Print a list of docker containers' -a select
+ switch $select
+ case running
+ docker ps -a --no-trunc | awk 'NR>1' | awk 'BEGIN {FS=" +"}; $5 ~ "^Up" {print $1 "\n" $(NF-1)}' | tr ',' '\n'
+ case stopped
+ docker ps -a --no-trunc | awk 'NR>1' | awk 'BEGIN {FS=" +"}; $5 ~ "^Exit" {print $1 "\n" $(NF-1)}' | tr ',' '\n'
+ case all
+ docker ps -a --no-trunc | awk 'NR>1' | awk 'BEGIN {FS=" +"}; {print $1 "\n" $(NF-1)}' | tr ',' '\n'
+ end
+function __fish_print_docker_images --description 'Print a list of docker images'
+ docker images | awk 'NR>1' | grep -v '<none>' | awk '{print $1":"$2}'
+function __fish_print_docker_repositories --description 'Print a list of docker repositories'
+ docker images | awk 'NR>1' | grep -v '<none>' | awk '{print $1}' | sort | uniq
+# common options
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -s D -l debug -d 'Enable debug mode'
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -s H -l host -d 'tcp://host:port, unix://path/to/socket, fd://* or fd://socketfd to use in daemon mode. Multiple sockets can be specified'
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -l api-enable-cors -d 'Enable CORS headers in the remote API'
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -s b -l bridge -d "Attach containers to a pre-existing network bridge; use 'none' to disable container networking"
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -l bip -d "Use this CIDR notation address for the network bridge's IP, not compatible with -b"
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -s d -l daemon -d 'Enable daemon mode'
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -l dns -d 'Force docker to use specific DNS servers'
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -s g -l graph -d 'Path to use as the root of the docker runtime'
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -l icc -d 'Enable inter-container communication'
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -l ip -d 'Default IP address to use when binding container ports'
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -l ip-forward -d 'Disable enabling of net.ipv4.ip_forward'
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -l iptables -d "Disable docker's addition of iptables rules"
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -l mtu -d 'Set the containers network MTU; if no value is provided: default to the default route MTU or 1500 if not default route is available'
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -s p -l pidfile -d 'Path to use for daemon PID file'
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -s r -l restart -d 'Restart previously running containers'
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -s s -l storage-driver -d 'Force the docker runtime to use a specific storage driver'
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -s v -l version -d 'Print version information and quit'
+# subcommands
+# attach
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a attach -d 'Attach to a running container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from attach' -l no-stdin -d 'Do not attach stdin'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from attach' -l sig-proxy -d 'Proxify all received signal to the process (even in non-tty mode)'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from attach' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers running)' -d "Container"
+# build
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a build -d 'Build a container from a Dockerfile'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from build' -l no-cache -d 'Do not use cache when building the image'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from build' -s q -l quiet -d 'Suppress verbose build output'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from build' -l rm -d 'Remove intermediate containers after a successful build'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from build' -s t -l tag -d 'Repository name (and optionally a tag) to be applied to the resulting image in case of success'
+# commit
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a commit -d "Create a new image from a container's changes"
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from commit' -s a -l author -d 'Author (eg. "John Hannibal Smith <>"'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from commit' -s m -l message -d 'Commit message'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from commit' -l run -d 'Config automatically applied when the image is run. (ex: -run=\'{"Cmd": ["cat", "/world"], "PortSpecs": ["22"]}\')'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from commit' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers all)' -d "Container"
+# cp
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a cp -d 'Copy files/folders from the containers filesystem to the host path'
+# diff
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a diff -d "Inspect changes on a container's filesystem"
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from diff' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers all)' -d "Container"
+# events
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a events -d 'Get real time events from the server'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from events' -l since -d 'Show previously created events and then stream.'
+# export
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a export -d 'Stream the contents of a container as a tar archive'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from export' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers all)' -d "Container"
+# history
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a history -d 'Show the history of an image'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from history' -l no-trunc -d "Don't truncate output"
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from history' -s q -l quiet -d 'only show numeric IDs'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from history' -a '(__fish_print_docker_images)' -d "Image"
+# images
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a images -d 'List images'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from images' -s a -l all -d 'show all images (by default filter out the intermediate images used to build)'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from images' -l no-trunc -d "Don't truncate output"
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from images' -s q -l quiet -d 'only show numeric IDs'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from images' -s t -l tree -d 'output graph in tree format'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from images' -s v -l viz -d 'output graph in graphviz format'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from images' -a '(__fish_print_docker_repositories)' -d "Repository"
+# import
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a import -d 'Create a new filesystem image from the contents of a tarball'
+# info
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a info -d 'Display system-wide information'
+# insert
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a insert -d 'Insert a file in an image'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from insert' -a '(__fish_print_docker_images)' -d "Image"
+# inspect
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a inspect -d 'Return low-level information on a container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from inspect' -s f -l format -d 'Format the output using the given go template.'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from inspect' -a '(__fish_print_docker_images)' -d "Image"
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from inspect' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers running)' -d "Container"
+# kill
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a kill -d 'Kill a running container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from kill' -s s -l signal -d 'Signal to send to the container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from kill' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers running)' -d "Container"
+# load
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a load -d 'Load an image from a tar archive'
+# login
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a login -d 'Register or Login to the docker registry server'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from login' -s e -l email -d 'email'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from login' -s p -l password -d 'password'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from login' -s u -l username -d 'username'
+# logs
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a logs -d 'Fetch the logs of a container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from logs' -s f -l follow -d 'Follow log output'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from logs' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers running)' -d "Container"
+# port
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a port -d 'Lookup the public-facing port which is NAT-ed to PRIVATE_PORT'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from port' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers running)' -d "Container"
+# ps
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a ps -d 'List containers'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from ps' -s a -l all -d 'Show all containers. Only running containers are shown by default.'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from ps' -l before-id -d 'Show only container created before Id, include non-running ones.'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from ps' -s l -l latest -d 'Show only the latest created container, include non-running ones.'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from ps' -s n -d 'Show n last created containers, include non-running ones.'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from ps' -l no-trunc -d "Don't truncate output"
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from ps' -s q -l quiet -d 'Only display numeric IDs'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from ps' -s s -l size -d 'Display sizes'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from ps' -l since-id -d 'Show only containers created since Id, include non-running ones.'
+# pull
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a pull -d 'Pull an image or a repository from the docker registry server'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from pull' -s t -l tag -d 'Download tagged image in repository'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from pull' -a '(__fish_print_docker_images)' -d "Image"
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from pull' -a '(__fish_print_docker_repositories)' -d "Repository"
+# push
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a push -d 'Push an image or a repository to the docker registry server'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from push' -a '(__fish_print_docker_images)' -d "Image"
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from push' -a '(__fish_print_docker_repositories)' -d "Repository"
+# restart
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a restart -d 'Restart a running container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from restart' -s t -l time -d 'Number of seconds to try to stop for before killing the container. Once killed it will then be restarted. Default=10'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from restart' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers running)' -d "Container"
+# rm
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a rm -d 'Remove one or more containers'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from rm' -s l -l link -d 'Remove the specified link and not the underlying container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from rm' -s v -l volumes -d 'Remove the volumes associated to the container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from rm' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers stopped)' -d "Container"
+# rmi
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a rmi -d 'Remove one or more images'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from rmi' -a '(__fish_print_docker_images)' -d "Image"
+# run
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a run -d 'Run a command in a new container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s P -l publish-all -d 'Publish all exposed ports to the host interfaces'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s a -l attach -d 'Attach to stdin, stdout or stderr.'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s c -l cpu-shares -d 'CPU shares (relative weight)'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -l cidfile -d 'Write the container ID to the file'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s d -l detach -d 'Detached mode: Run container in the background, print new container id'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -l dns -d 'Set custom dns servers'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s e -l env -d 'Set environment variables'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -l entrypoint -d 'Overwrite the default entrypoint of the image'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -l expose -d 'Expose a port from the container without publishing it to your host'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s h -l hostname -d 'Container host name'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s i -l interactive -d 'Keep stdin open even if not attached'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -l link -d 'Add link to another container (name:alias)'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -l lxc-conf -d 'Add custom lxc options -lxc-conf="lxc.cgroup.cpuset.cpus = 0,1"'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s m -l memory -d 'Memory limit (format: <number><optional unit>, where unit = b, k, m or g)'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s n -l networking -d 'Enable networking for this container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -l name -d 'Assign a name to the container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s p -l publish -d "Publish a container's port to the host (format: ip:hostPort:containerPort | ip::containerPort | hostPort:containerPort) (use 'docker port' to see the actual mapping)"
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -l privileged -d 'Give extended privileges to this container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -l rm -d 'Automatically remove the container when it exits (incompatible with -d)'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -l sig-proxy -d 'Proxify all received signal to the process (even in non-tty mode)'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s t -l tty -d 'Allocate a pseudo-tty'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s u -l user -d 'Username or UID'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s v -l volume -d 'Bind mount a volume (e.g. from the host: -v /host:/container, from docker: -v /container)'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -l volumes-from -d 'Mount volumes from the specified container(s)'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -s w -l workdir -d 'Working directory inside the container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from run' -a '(__fish_print_docker_images)' -d "Image"
+# save
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a save -d 'Save an image to a tar archive'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from save' -a '(__fish_print_docker_images)' -d "Image"
+# search
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a search -d 'Search for an image in the docker index'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from search' -l no-trunc -d "Don't truncate output"
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from search' -s s -l stars -d 'Only displays with at least xxx stars'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from search' -s t -l trusted -d 'Only show trusted builds'
+# start
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a start -d 'Start a stopped container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from start' -s a -l attach -d "Attach container's stdout/stderr and forward all signals to the process"
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from start' -s i -l interactive -d "Attach container's stdin"
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from start' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers stopped)' -d "Container"
+# stop
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a stop -d 'Stop a running container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from stop' -s t -l time -d 'Number of seconds to wait for the container to stop before killing it.'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from stop' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers running)' -d "Container"
+# tag
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a tag -d 'Tag an image into a repository'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from tag' -s f -l force -d 'Force'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from tag' -a '(__fish_print_docker_images)' -d "Image"
+# top
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a top -d 'Lookup the running processes of a container'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from top' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers running)' -d "Container"
+# version
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a version -d 'Show the docker version information'
+# wait
+complete -c docker -f -n '__fish_docker_no_subcommand' -a wait -d 'Block until a container stops, then print its exit code'
+complete -c docker -A -f -n '__fish_seen_subcommand_from wait' -a '(__fish_print_docker_containers running)' -d "Container"

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