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C-c F5org/
C-c F6org/
C-c F8org/
C-c F9org/
F9 ccalendar
F9 Ibh/punch-in
F9 Obh/punch-out
F9 tbh/insert-inactive-timestamp
F9 Tbh/toggle-insert-inactive-timestamp
C-c t ftoggle auto-fill-mode
C-c t itoggle impatient-mode
C-c t ptoggle smartparens-mode
C-c t stoggle flyspell-mode
C-c t Wtoggle which-function-mode
C-c t wtoggle whitespace-mode
C-x l bbrowse-url-at-point
C-x l ccalculator
C-x l dediff-buffers
C-x l iielm
C-x l sshell
C-x l Ssynonyms
C-x l tgit-timemachine
M-pmove current line up
M-nmove current line down
C-x zrepeat last command
C-c aorg-agenda
C-c corg-capture
C-c lorg-store-link
C-c .prompt for date and insert timestamp
C-u C-c .like C-c . but insert date and time format
C-c a a lorg-agenda log for current week. shows completed tasks.
C-u M-!shell command and output to current position.
M-|shell-command-on-region Execute string COMMAND in inferior shell with region as input.
M-:eval expression. for oneliners
M-^joins the current line with the line above it, removing whitespace in the process.
C-x v =runs the command vc-diff for the current file
C-x v gvc-annotate
C-x 5 0close window while in emacs is in deamon mode.
auto-fill-mode and set variable fill-column to 76
C-qquoted-insert. Read next input character and insert it. eg insert <tab>
M-{move paragraph backward
M-}move paragraph forward
M-C-amove function backward
M-C-emove function forward
M-C-ubackward-up-list Move backward out of one level of parentheses.
M-C-kkill-sexp. Kill the sexp (balanced expression) following point.
C-M →move to next sibling
C-M ←move to previous sibling
C-M ↑move to parent
C-M ↓move to first child
C-x ^grow window taller
C-x {shrink window narrower
C-x }grow window wider
M-$check spelling of current word
M-x ispell-regioncheck spelling of all words in region
M-x ispell-buffercheck spelling of entire buffer
C-c ?synonyms
C-c Ereplace the last s-expression with its evaluated result.
C-c yyas/insert-snippet
C-c bcfe-insert-bundle
C-c Grgrep
C-c Trun ~/bin/
C-c C-wfixup-whitespace
C-c C-spaceace-jump-mode C-u ace-jump-char-mode
C-c ftags-search
C-c tvisit-tags-table
C-c M-ccentered-cursor-mode
C-x C-xSwap point and mark
C-u C-spaceCycle through mark ring
C-x RET fset-buffer-file-encoding-system (convert dos to unix)
M-g M-dmagit-diff-unstaged
M-g M-smagit-status
M-g M-bmagit-branch-manager
M-g bmagit-blame-mode
C-c C-h Pcperl-perldoc-at-point
C-c wwoman
C-x (kmacro-start-macro
C-x )kmacro-end-macro
C-x ekmacro-end-and-call-macro
C-u C-x C-(kmacro-start-macro, allows you to append to the end of the last macro
C-x C-k rapply-macro-to-region-lines
C-x C-k C-kkmacro-end-or-call-macro-repeat
C-x C-k C-nkmacro-cycle-ring-next
C-x C-k C-pkmacro-cycle-ring-previous
C-x C-k C-ikmacro-insert-counter
C-x C-k C-ckmacro-set-counter
C-x C-k C-akmacro-add-counter
C-x C-k C-fkmacro-set-format
C-x C-k nkmacro-name-last-macro
C-x C-k bkmacro-bind-to-key
C-x C-k C-ekmacro-edit-macro
C-x C-k e NAME <RET>edit-kbd-macro
C-x C-k <SPC>kmacro-step-edit-macro
<super>-<enter>switch to full screen
C-c (wrap-with-parens
C-c )sp-unwrap-sexp
C-c [wrap-with-brackets
C-c ]sp-backward-unwrap-sexp
C-c {wrap-with-braces

orgmode Time reporting

[2014-06-26 Thu 11:44]

To get a report of time spent on tasks for you simply visit the file and run an agenda clock report for the last month with F12 < a v m b R. This limits the agenda to this one file, shows the agenda for a full month, moves to last month, and generates a clock report.

My agenda org clock report settings show 5 levels of detail with links to the tasks. I like wider reports than the default compact setting so I override the :narrow value.


You can make words bold, italic, underlined, code and verbatim, and, if you must, strike-through. See more in the manual or check out Some tips for learning Org Mode for Emacs and other blog entries of Sacha Chua.

C-c C-t set TODO to DONE

C-c l opens link

SHIFT TAB toggles headings / full list

C-c C-s for scheduling tasks and using the agenda


[2015-05-13 Wed 09:52]

#+tblname: transpose-example
| 1 | 2 | 3 |
| 4 | 5 | 6 |

#+srcname: transpose
#+begin_src emacs-lisp :var table=transpose-example
  (apply #'mapcar* #'list table)

| 1 | 4 |
| 2 | 5 |
| 3 | 6 |

org table to lookup hostnames

[2016-05-17 Tue 14:25]

Have hostnames and need the ip addresses?


bash script for bin/return_ip:

nslookup $1 | awk '/Address/&&!/#/ {printf $2}'


helm grep recursive

C-x C-S-f -> helm-find-files TAB grep C-u RET


(dotimes (i 254) (insert (format “srv%03d.tracking\tIN\tA\t10.20.224.%d\n” (1+ i) (1+ i))))


M-x mwe:open-command-log-buffer M-x mwe:log-keyboard-commands

modify colors

place point on something and M-x customize-face will auto-suggest the faces used.

org babel sql

take care of your properties section. It must be right after the heading. Not after [2016-03-18 Fri 15:12] or you will get an error similar to let: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil.


C-x C-f /sudo::/etc/fstab C-x C-f /sudo::user@server

C-x C-f /sudo:ssh-host:file-on-ssh-host C-x C-f /ssh:localhost#4000|ssh:|ssh: C-x C-f /ssh:|sudo:root@


cd /ssh:user@fqdn:~ cd /ssh:ubu12\|sudo:ubu12:/etc/ apt-cache policy > #<buffer apt-policy>