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Music is a Free Responsive Joomla! template created by GavickPro
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Music Free

Free Responsive and Awe-Inspiring Template for Joomla! 2.5


Template files: DOWNLOAD

At GavickPro, we're not content with having it all – we want more. We want to provide you with more of what you need to be successful on the Web!

We present to you a dazzling first from us – a FREE responsive template from GavickPro!

It is always a challenge coming up with a new template to suit the unique needs of our customers. We've certainly accomplished this goal. At no cost, with this template produce a breathtaking Web site that will catch your visitors' attention. Thanks to the Gavern Framework upon which this template is based, the specifications of Responsive Web Design have been implemented.

We have thrown in support for the Tabs GK5 module with native support for horizontal layout scaling based upon the type of device display. In addition, this responsive template supports the modified News Show Pro GK4 extension and the K2 component which enables information to be displayed in attractive and unique ways.

Even more, this free template supports the mooMasonry script which blocks modules to be positioned such that the available space is optimized for the target device.

By the way, did we mention it's free? ;-)

To recap, this responsive Joomla template incorporates support for the K2 component, Tabs GK5, and News Show Pro GK4 to meet your current and future information publishing needs - on whatever platform your visitor is using! For additional information concerning the layout features of this latest template from GavickPro, please read the Quick Guide.

Using various, including 3rd party extensions, this time we have built:

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