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create a new rails app

create new rails app

gem install rails
rails new asteroids -d sqlite3 -J -T -f --skip-bundle -m

Here is what each option is doing and why:

-d - Specifies the SQLite3 database for quick and easy setup. -J - Skips adding any JavaScript libraries since jQuery UJS support is provided by the Resourcer gem. -T - Skips setting up Test::Unit files since RSpec is what we want. -f - Forces overwrite of any existing files so the template is not interrupted during setup. –skip-bundle - Skips running “bundle install” since the template does this for you at appropriate time of setup.

boot it up

cd asteroids
rails server

add scores scaffolding

date, score, initials

rails generate scaffold score initials:string score:integer

migrate / update schema

rake db:migrate

play with it

    git commit -m "blah"

integrate top score w/ js app

add link to top scores


    git ci

make things more awesome

    sort scores