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Require Import ZFnats ZFord ZFrank ZFgrothendieck.
(* An inaccesible cardinal yields a Grothendieck universe *)
Section VN_Inaccessible.
Variable mu : set.
Hypothesis mu_inacc : VN_inaccessible_rel mu.
Let mu_ord : isOrd mu.
destruct mu_inacc as ((?,_),_); trivial.
Let mu_lim : forall x, lt x mu -> lt (osucc x) mu.
destruct mu_inacc as ((_,?),_); trivial.
Let mu_reg : VN_regular_rel mu.
destruct mu_inacc as ((_,_),?); trivial.
Lemma VN_grot : grot_univ (VN mu).
split; intros.
apply VN_trans with x; trivial.
apply VN_clos_pair; auto.
apply VNlim_power; trivial.
split; trivial.
apply mu_reg; trivial.
End VN_Inaccessible.
(* Conversely, the set of ordinals of a Grothendieck universe form
an inaccessible cardinal *)
Section Grothendieck_Universe.
Variable U : set.
Hypothesis Ug : grot_univ U.
Hypothesis Uinf : omega ∈ U.
Definition grot_ord := subset U isOrd.
Lemma grot_ord_intro : forall x, lt x grot_ord -> x ∈ U.
apply subset_elim1 in H; trivial.
Lemma isOrd_grot : forall x, lt x grot_ord -> isOrd x.
apply subset_elim2 in H; destruct H.
rewrite H; trivial.
Hint Resolve isOrd_grot.
Lemma grot_ord_inv : forall x, isOrd x -> x ∈ U -> lt x grot_ord.
apply subset_intro; trivial.
Lemma isOrd_grot_ord : isOrd grot_ord.
apply isOrd_intro; intros.
apply subset_intro; trivial.
apply G_incl with b; trivial.
apply grot_ord_intro; trivial.
red; intros.
assert (isOrd x) by eauto using isOrd_grot.
assert (isOrd y) by eauto using isOrd_grot.
assert (x ∈ U) by (apply grot_ord_intro; trivial).
assert (y ∈ U) by (apply grot_ord_intro; trivial).
exists (x ⊔ y).
apply subset_intro.
apply G_osup2; auto.
apply isOrd_osup2; trivial.
split; [apply osup2_incl1|apply osup2_incl2]; auto.
apply isOrd_grot; trivial.
Hint Resolve isOrd_grot_ord.
Lemma G_limit : forall x, lt x grot_ord -> lt (osucc x) grot_ord.
apply grot_ord_inv; auto.
apply G_subset; trivial.
apply G_power; trivial.
apply grot_ord_intro; trivial.
(* *)
Lemma VN_in_grot :
forall o, lt o grot_ord -> VN o ∈ U.
unfold VN; intros.
apply G_TI; auto with *.
apply grot_ord_intro; trivial.
apply G_power; trivial.
Lemma VN_incl_grot : VN grot_ord ⊆ U.
red; intros.
rewrite VN_def in H; auto.
destruct H.
apply G_trans with (power (VN x)); trivial.
rewrite power_ax; trivial.
apply G_power; trivial.
apply VN_in_grot; trivial.
Lemma G_ord_sup : forall x F,
ext_fun x F ->
x ∈ U ->
(forall y, y ∈ x -> lt (F y) grot_ord) ->
lt (osup x F) grot_ord.
assert (osup x F ∈ U).
apply G_osup; intros; auto.
apply grot_ord_intro; auto.
assert (isOrd (osup x F)).
apply isOrd_osup; trivial.
apply isOrd_inv with grot_ord; auto.
apply grot_ord_inv; trivial.
Lemma G_regular : VN_regular_rel grot_ord.
red; intros.
rewrite VN_def; trivial.
pose (A := subset x (fun x' => exists y, R x' y)).
pose (F := fun x' => inter
(subset grot_ord (fun z => exists2 y, R x' y & y ⊆ VN z))).
assert (oF : forall y, y ∈ A -> isOrd (F y)).
apply isOrd_inter; intros.
apply subset_elim1 in H3; apply isOrd_inv with grot_ord; trivial.
assert (eF : ext_fun A F).
red; red; intros.
apply inter_morph.
apply subset_morph; auto with *.
red; intros.
apply ex2_morph.
red; intros.
split; intros.
apply (proj1 H) with x0 a; auto with *.
apply subset_elim1 in H2; trivial.
apply (proj1 H) with x' a; auto with *.
rewrite <- H3.
apply subset_elim1 in H2; trivial.
red; intros.
exists (osup A F).
apply grot_ord_inv.
apply isOrd_osup; trivial.
apply grot_ord_intro.
apply G_ord_sup; trivial.
apply G_subset; trivial.
apply VN_incl_grot; trivial.
assert (exists2 z, R y z & z ∈ VN grot_ord).
unfold A in H2; rewrite subset_ax in H2; destruct H2.
destruct H3.
destruct H4.
exists x1.
apply (proj1 H) with x0 x1; auto with *.
rewrite <- H3; trivial.
apply H1 with x0; trivial.
rewrite <- H3; trivial.
destruct H3 as (z0, r0, ?).
rewrite VN_def in H3; trivial; destruct H3.
apply isOrd_plump with x0; auto.
red; intros.
apply inter_elim with (1:=H5).
apply subset_intro; trivial.
exists z0; trivial.
red; intros.
rewrite union_ax in H2; destruct H2.
apply ZFrepl.repl_elim in H3; trivial.
destruct H3.
assert (x0 ⊆ VN (F x1)).
red; intros.
apply VN_stable.
apply subset_elim1 in H6; eauto using isOrd_inv.
generalize (H1 _ _ H3 H4); intros.
rewrite VN_def in H6; eauto using isOrd_inv.
destruct H6.
apply inter_intro.
clear x2 H6 H7.
rewrite replf_ax in H6.
2:red;red;intros;apply VN_morph; trivial.
destruct H6.
rewrite H7; clear H7 y.
apply subset_elim2 in H6.
destruct H6.
destruct H7.
rewrite H6.
assert (x0 == x4).
apply (proj2 H) with x1; trivial.
rewrite H9 in H5; auto.
exists (VN x2).
rewrite replf_ax.
2:red;red;intros;apply VN_morph; trivial.
exists x2; auto with *.
apply subset_intro; trivial.
exists x0; trivial.
apply H5 in H2.
rewrite VN_def in H2.
2:apply oF; apply subset_intro; eauto.
destruct H2.
rewrite VN_def.
2:apply isOrd_osup; auto.
exists x2; trivial.
revert H2; apply osup_intro; trivial.
apply subset_intro; trivial.
exists x0; trivial.
Lemma G_inaccessible : VN_inaccessible_rel grot_ord.
split;[split|]; auto.
exact G_limit.
exact G_regular.
Lemma G_VN_is_grot : grot_univ (VN grot_ord).
apply VN_grot; trivial.
exact G_inaccessible.
End Grothendieck_Universe.
Hint Resolve grot_ord_intro isOrd_grot_ord isOrd_grot.
Hint Resolve G_VN_is_grot.
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