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this tool is useful for creating a csv that you can then import into whatever you want. all you need is to specify the following:

  • accountId (from your bascamp url) ex: 9999999
  • projectId (from your bascamp url) ex: 1111111
  • username (for basecamp) ex: u
  • password (for basecamp) ex: p
  • userAgent - needed by bascamp for all requests ex: Myapp (

this will stream a csv to stdout with the following columns:

  • theme (maps to todo list)
  • story (todo name)
  • todoUrl (basecamp url)


npm install -g basecamp-todoexporter


bcexporter --accountId 9999999 --projectId 1111111  --username u --password p --userAgent "Myapp ("

or save to a csv on your system (ex: estimates.csv):

bcexporter --accountId 9999999 --projectId 1111111  --username u --password p --userAgent "Myapp (" > estimates.csv