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Barrett’s dotfiles

This is originally based on mathias's dotfiles, and is an eternal work in progress.


There is a main bootstrap script ( that does all the bootstrapping. You pass it options as follows:

./ -b -f -h -o -l -t -v

Any or many of the options can be passed in. The options are as follows:

* -b = bash shell
* -f = fish shell
* -h = Homebrew
* -o = OSX (and Homebrew)
* -l = linux
* -t = tmux
* -v = vim

Installing a fresh Mac

This will install general dotfiles, fish, vim, tmux, OSX things.

  • Setup an SSH key with GitHub
  • Clone the dotfiles into /usr/local/dotfiles
    • First change the owner of /usr/local to your user
    • The first time you run the git command it will ask to install the command line tools. No need to install Xcode!
  • Install LastPass in Safari
  • Bootstrap ALLTHETHINGS /usr/local/dotfiles/ -votf [NAME]
    • I have started using wine varieties for computer names
  • Install App Store purchases

Linux Setup

I also use a Linux box from time to time, so here is how I bootstrap that puppy:



Initial dotfiles forked from mathiasbynens/dotfiles Fish functions from nvie/dotfiles