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Johan Backman\ +1 415 909 82 68 2897 Cesar Chavez St 94110 San Francisco

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\vspace{0.8cm} Education {#education .unnumbered .unnumbered}

\datedsubsection{MSc Computer Science, Chalmers University of Technology}{Aug 2016 - Aug 2018} \datedsubsection{BSc Software Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology}{ Aug 2012 - Jun 2015} \vspace{0.25cm} Experience {#experience .unnumbered .unnumbered}

\datedsubsection{Software Engineer / AI Researcher, Bracket Computing}{Dec 2017 -}

  • Reinforcement Learning research focused on autonomous threat response using Bayesian Attack Graphs formulated as a POMDP

  • Developed NetBSD kernel code in C, and user-land Python services that communicated with a Kubernetes-based control plane

\datedsubsection{Software Engineering Intern, Bracket computing}{Jun 2015 - Jun 2016}

  • Redesigned the whole Continuous Integration pipeline using Docker and Jenkins

  • Built a testing framework in Python, that made it easy to write generic tests to test the product across AWS, GCE and on-premise VMWare

  • Wrote end-to-end integration and performance tests

  • Collaborated with the development team on test plans and requirements

\datedsubsection{Software Engineer, Freelance}{Apr 2015 - Jul 2015}

  • Designed and developed the embedded software for a low-cost road sign that shows the current speed of passing vehicles, bikers and pedestrians using radar technology

  • Mocked the hardware features of the custom-designed hardware to create regression tests

\datedsubsection{Vice Business Area Manager, Chalmers Teknologkonsulter}{Jan 2014 - Jun 2014}

  • Managed 18 software engineers

  • Planned and led sales, strategic development and training

  • Increased the time consultants were assigned to a billable project, which lead to an increased business area revenue by 80%

\datedsubsection{Software Engineer Consultant, Chalmers Teknologkonsulter}{Sep 2013 - Feb 2015}

  • Embedded development in C on custom-designed BLE hardware

  • Developed the core technology, OTA updates over Bluetooth, charging and battery management

  • Developed an Android application to debug the Bluetooth connection

Technologies {#technologies .unnumbered .unnumbered}

Languages: Haskell, Python, Erlang, Rust, Go, Java, C, GLSL
Other: Docker, Git, TensorFlow, AWS, Bash, GNUMake, GCE, OpenGL, Android


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