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Barricade Styleguide

Style Guide: A Living Document

For those of you who don't know what a Style Guide is - it's quite simple really. A Style Guide is a set of standards to ensure a consistent design and identity. Additionally, from a development point of view it serves to improve the speed and ease of code deployment. A good Style Guide will consolidate the front-end code while comprehensively documenting the visual language, such as color palettes and fonts.

A "Living" Style Guide does all of the above, but uses real code from the app itself to reflects any changes as they are made throughout the app.

The goals for us in creating this type of Living Style Guide are simple:

  • Streamline the workflow for designers and developers
  • Maintain a consistency of app styles and identity
  • Create a focal point for our Design and User Experience work, both for ourselves and for the community

Long-Term Vision: A Style Guide That Gives Back

As a design-led company, we are striving to create the greatest user experience for our customers. We think that we are working in very interesting ways here and that the design elements we create are not only useful to us, but would be valuable for the many designers and developers building their own products.

Going forward, we want to make our living Style Guide a public resource that will be beneficial to the general design and development community. Any templates or useful assets that we make in-house will be published and made freely available to download. This includes Code Snippets, Styles, Layout files, UX flows, Imagery, Photoshop templates, Icons and much more.



Blog post: "Design and a Living Style Guide"


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