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Active Server List

Please refrain from using the github report system to request assistance with connecting to these servers - use the guide or ask on a community forum.

Note: Each of these servers will likely require a different WFC profile to connect (error code 60000) - for Wii users this often means a new save file per game, for DS users you can erase the WFC configuration as show in step 4 of the setup guide.

Server Name: AltWFC (official)

Server Name: WFZwei

  • Status: Online
  • DNS:
  • Active sessions:
  • Contact: waffles @ #altwfc on rizon
  • Notes : Supports unpatched DS titles / original cartridges via nds-constraint
  • Feature test : If you have had issues connecting with a player in the past - please run a connection test in the WFC configuration menu and then try again.

Server Name: (formerly

  • Status: ONLINE
  • Special Note: This server is designed for use with Mario Kart Wii. DS Games do not work. Other Wii games (the confirmed working ones) should still be able to connect.
  • How to Access the Server - Simply use a normal clean ISO/WBFS with any USB Loader app, and run this cheat code located here - Please note that this code will NOT work with the Wii Launcher HBC app for Discs. Classic Gecko HBC App DOES work. Riivo is untested.
  • FAQ, Rules, Info, etc:
  • Stats (How Many Online) -
  • Discord Server -
  • NOTE: The MKW Server runs on Nginx (custom tuning) instead of Apache. The server also runs on Debian instead of Ubuntu.

Server Name: VaronFi

  • Status: Online
  • DNS:
  • Website
  • Stats: Mario Kart Wii and SSBB and MKDS support is now added. We will soon add a feature where you can use a physical DS to connect to our servers without having to use brainslug or do additional patching. *Stats2a: Welcome Lesserratte to the VaronFi team!
  • Rules: Don't hack in WW's. Just hack in private rooms.
  • Discord:

Server Name: BenFi

Server Name: CoWFC (demo server)

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