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Website Banner Image, featuring a smiling, pixel art iMac in front of a multicolor background

Welcome! Please feel free to stop by, take a load off your feet, brew some tea, and celebrate the humanity in computing with me.

12.0 - "Home Run"

Up to this point, my website didn't really have a tranditional "home" page—the landing page for the site was the Articles page. With "Home Run", the site now has a proper home page with an "elevator pitch" for who I am, my current occupation, and my most recent works (articles, projects, etc.).

Image of the new Home Page

11.0 - "Foreigner"

With the introduction of macOS Mojave, users can now choose the accent color for the system. Jumping from just the "Blue" and "Graphite" colors we've known for the past decade, users can now change buttons, links, and more to be their favorite color.

Much like macOS, my personal website has also "supported" custom accent colors, but never exposed them to the user in any meaningful way. Now, with the new accessibility settings in 11.0, you can customize the site to match your preferred system accent color, so the site will always gracefully match your personality and style.

Image of the Accessibility Settings popup

10.0 - "Unity"

Until now, Marcdown and styles were designed and maintained independently, in parallel. This was a choice made mostly due to these historical reasons:

  1. At the time, I still wasn't happy with's style, so Marcdown became my playground to experiment with the design without feeling the need to commit to them. It simply wasn't feasible to keep in sync with Marcdown due to the near constant changes most of its life.
  2.’s stylesheet was created when I was first learning CSS and only just beginning to flex my design muscles, so there was a tremendous amount of legacy baggage I didn't want to / didn't have to carry over to Marcdown's stylesheet. In this respect, keeping them separate was an advantage.

That time has now passed.’s legacy code has been all but swept away as the CSS has been gradually refined over the years. Additionally, both were beginning to converge together towards a similar style for some time now. With the differences between them falling away and the benefits of keeping them separate dwindling, it's time to fuse them together to create one, final CSS and Javascript heart which will serve as the foundation for all future typographic/design changes made to Marcdown and from this point on—core.css and core.js.

It's time to bring order to the chaos. It's time for Unity.

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