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A small tool to visualise my hledger journal. Your mileage may vary.
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hledger visualiser

This is a little tool I've been writing to visualise my hledger records. Tables and textual reports are nice but sometimes visualisations, such as graphs, can really give you new insights into your data.

Cashflow Screenshot

Disclaimer: This is primarily written for me, by me. It probably won't work if you have a more financially complicated life than me. The following things definitely don't work, and there may be more things that accidentally don't work:

  1. Postings with an implicit amount which involves multiple commodities. For example:

    2017/07/30 I am very international and have multiple currencies
        assets:cash:paypal  -20 GBP
        assets:cash:paypal  -10 EUR
  2. Postings which do not involve your default commodity (see the example config file) at all. So if my default commodity is not "CAD", this would not work:

    2017/07/30 I am currently in Canada
        expenses:syrup  30 CAD

    On the other hand, if I paid with my UK debit card which did the currency conversion for me, this would be fine:

    2017/07/30 I am currently in Canada
        expenses:syrup  30 CAD @@ £19
  3. Asset or expense accounts with negative balances; liability or income accounts with positive balances.

But if you just have a fairly simple financial life where you do everything in one currency (or only buy and sell other commodities in your normal currency), this should work for you.



Build and run with stack:

cd backend
stack build
stack exec backend ../config.example.yaml

If no argument is given, a file ./config.yaml is tried.


In this section, $WEBDIR refers to the directory you specified in your configuration file to serve static files from.

  1. Make the directories:

    mkdir -p $WEBDIR/{fonts,vendor}
  2. Use a CDN (set the use_cdn flag in backend/tpl/wrapper.tpl) OR fetch the dependencies (save all in $WEBDIR/vendor):

  3. Fetch the Calluna Sans regular font face (the free one) from, saved as $WEBDIR/fonts/CallunaSansRegular.woff2

  4. Finally, copy over the frontend files:

    cp frontend/* $WEBDIR
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