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This repository is archived!

These scripts are pretty complicated. This isn't ideal, but it's necessary: InfluxDB 1 doesn't have a very good query language, so hledger-to-influxdb needs to do a lot of work to mangle the data into a format I can do what I want with.

But every time I want to do something new with the data, I need to go change the script. And occasionally the script fails because it times out uploading all the data to InfluxDB.

I realised I could do much less pre-processing, dramatically simplifying the script and making it more reliable, if I migrated to a timeseries database with a more powerful query language. The obvious choices were InfluxDB 2 and Prometheus.

InfluxDB 2 is very different, and I don't use it at work or in any other projects, I would be learning it just to create one dashboard. That wasn't very appealing.

Prometheus is something I already use for monitoring my personal things, and I use it at work too. But I couldn't figure out how to get my historic data into it.

Now I've solved that problem. I found promscale, a Prometheus-compatible timeseries database which supports bulk importing old data.

So these scripts are no longer used. Go see my new, much simpler, script which is written in Python and uses hledger print -O csv rather than interfacing with the hledger library.


Helpful scripts to do things with your hledger data.







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