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Online radio for lainons.


There are some assumptions in the code you might have to fix before deploying for real elsewhere:

  • assumes that it has write access to the upload directory.
  • probably assumes a lot about permissions.
  • assumes that bumps are in the album "Lainchan Radio Transitions".

These shouldn't really matter for development. Some things might not work properly, that's it. There might be more things.


There are a few files you might reasonably want to edit if you deploy this code:

  • config.json, the list of channels, MPD details, and frontend asset template details.
  • frontend/static/schedule.json, the live broadcast schedule.

The server is running NixOS, and the entire system configuration (sans passwords) is on github.

For those who don't read Nix, the examples/ directory contains sample configuration for nginx, Icecast, and MPD.


  1. Configure your webserver.

    See the examples/ directory for help.

  2. Build the frontend assets.

    $ cd frontend
    $ ./ ../config.json

    If all goes well, the directory _site now contains all the frontend assets.

  3. Put the frontend assets where you told the server they would be.

    $ cp -r frontend/_site/* /srv/http
  4. Start the backend on the port you told the server it would be.

    $ cd backend
    $ ./ --config=../config.json --http-dir=/srv/http 5000

I want to help!

Great! See the open issues. You can also find me on