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An efficient log-structured database supporting efficient insertion of new entries and removal from either end of the log.
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LogDB is a Go library for efficient log-structured databases. A log-structured database is a very simple data store where writes are only ever appended to the database, there are no random-access writes at all. To prevent the database from growing indefinitely, a contiguous chunk of entries can be removed from either the beginning or the end.

This library is efficient and provides consistency guarantees: an entry is either stored or it is not, even in the event of power loss during execution the database cannot be left in an inconsistent state.

The godoc is available online.

Project Status

Very early days. The API is unstable, and everything is in flux.

Data Consistency

The guiding principle for consistency and correctness is that, no matter where the program is interrupted, there should never be silent corruption in the database. In particular, this means:

  • If an Append is interrupted, or a Sync following an Append is interrupted, the entry will either be there or not: if the entry is accessible, it will have the expected contents.

  • If an AppendEntries is interrupted, or a Sync following an AppendEntries is interrupted, some of the entries may not be there, but there will be no gaps: if any messages are there, it will be an initial portion of the appended ones, with the expected contents (as with Append).

  • If a Forget, Rollback, or Truncate is interrupted, or a Sync following one of those is interrupted, some of the entries may remain: but there will be no gaps; it won't be possible to access both entry x and entry y, unless all entries between x and y are also accessible.

As the database is so simple, ensuring this data consistency isn't the great challenge it is in more fully-featured database systems. Care is taken to sync chunk data files before writing out chunk metadata files, and metadata files are implemented as an append-only log. A sensible default can be recovered for the one non-append-only piece of metadata (the ID of the oldest visible entry in the database (which, due to a Forget may be newer than the ID of the oldest entry in the database)) if it is corrupted or lost.

If it is impossible to unambiguously and safely open a database, an error is returned. Otherwise, automatic recovery is performed. If an error occurs, please file a bug report including the error message and a description of what was being done to the database when the process terminated, as this shouldn't happen without external tampering.


Bug reports, pull requests, and comments are very welcome!

Feel free to contact me on GitHub, through IRC (on freenode), or email (