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Barry's Emacs

Barry's Emacs is easy to use and accessible, yet powerful.

You can start using Barry's Emacs as a notepad replacement. Then, at your own speed use more advanced features.

It's user interface uses the familiar Windows style user interface, key bindings, menus, toolbar and dialogs. Barry's Emacs is integrated with the Windows explorer.

Barry's Emacs main web site:

Email and forum discussion are on:


  • Full HTML documentation
  • windows style user interface
  • Edit multiple files
  • Multiple buffers
  • Syntax colouring
  • Regular expression searching
  • Fully programmable
  • Integrated Python extension language
  • Dark mode support

Installation instructions

Pre-built kits for Windows and macOS are available from the page.

Fedora RPMs are available from COPR repos: * Barry's Emacs -

Details on how to build and install Barry's Emacs for Linux, macOS and Windows from source are covered in INSTALL.html.