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Graphing man-fox-chicken-wheat problem

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1 parent 95e4cc5 commit 81ceb0792c0f41b7d838b1d9d4b52da013b7ac43 Barry Carter committed Aug 9, 2011
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+# connectivity graph (w/ named edges) for man needs to cross river problem
+# CFMW = man chicken fox; takes = side 1 to 2; returns = side 2 to 1
+# 1x2y means x on side 1, y on side 2
+1CFMW2,man takes chicken,1FW2CM
+1CFMW2,man takes fox,1CW2FM,chicken eats wheat,FAIL
+1CFMW2,man takes wheat,1CF2MW,fox eats chicken,FAIL
+1CFMW2,man takes self,1CFW2M,fox eats chicken eats wheat,FAIL
+1FW2CM,man returns chicken,1CFMW2
+1FW2CM,man returns self,1FMW2C
+1FMW2C,man takes fox,1W2CFM
+1FMW2C,man takes wheat,1F2CMW
+1FMW2C,man takes fox,1W2CFM
+1FMW2C,man takes self,1FW2CM
+1W2CFM,man returns self,1MW2CF,fox eats chicken,FAIL
+1W2CFM,man returns fox,1FMW2C
+1W2CFM,man returns chicken,1CMW2F

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