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"Hello, I'm Barry, a web developer and manager, working in Windsor and London. I live in a village in Surrey with my wife and two boys.\r\n\r\n<s>Since [January 2008]( I've been [CTO]( 'Chief Technical Officer') of [Venntro](, a British online dating company that creates the software and runs the back-end for over 62M members on 12,500 worldwide dating sites through our [White Label Dating]( product. I head up our [development team](</s>\r\n\r\nI've recently joined []( as CTO.\r\n\r\nPreviously I've worked in web agencies, corporates and startups, big and small, in and around London and New Zealand. You can read more about my professional background on [LinkedIn]( \r\n\r\n*Any views or content posted here does not necessarily represent the views of my company.*\r\n\r\n## Hacking\r\n\r\nMy day job is increasingly spent in Google Apps and meetings. Not so long ago I was a full-time developer and although I love my current job, I miss learning and creating new things. This site (and other personal projects) is my way of trying to practise and keep my development skills up-to-date.\r\n\r\nSince stumbling across the [IndieWeb]( movement a few years ago I've been tinkering with my own platform to participate. This is my attempt to *[selfdogfood](* by using the tool I'm building as my own personal site.\r\n\r\nRead about how this is built and the ideas behind it in the [colophon](/colophon).\r\n\r\n## Interests\r\n\r\nI try to be an early adopter (my Twitter account [@barryf]( is the 4,677th) and I enjoy trying new services and technologies to help improve my team’s effectiveness and happiness. I’ve been a Mac user since the early 2000s and have owned more iOS devices than I want to think about. \r\n\r\nAway from technology, I’m a football fan, I enjoy rugby and cricket, [indie/rock music](, I like to keep up with politics and I try (unsuccessfully) to avoid showbiz news.\r\n\r\n## Interviews\r\n\r\n- [Interview on HackerJobs, February 2013](\r\n- [Video interview on Online Personals Watch, August 2012](\r\n- [Interview with Edge, August 2012](\r\n- [Case study with Rackspace UK (PDF)](\r\n\r\n## Contact\r\n\r\n[Email, iMessage, Tweet or Skype me](/contact).\r\n"
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