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Welcome to the Woot Library wiki.

Important! This plugin will no longer be updated ... I've left it here in case it's useful for anyone using The Events Calendar 3.7 or earlier - but for users with an up-to-date installation of The Events Calendar it is now surplus to requirements.



  • To access event details from a ticket/product context
    • woot_get_event()
    • woot_get_event_date()
    • woot_get_event_time()
    • woot_is_event_ticket()
  • To access ticket/product details from an event context
    • woot_currently_has_tickets()
    • woot_get_products()
    • woot_get_tickets()
    • woot_has_soldout()
    • woot_has_tickets()
    • woot_low_stock()