A little backup utility written in vbs with support for incremental backups.
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Simple Recursive Backup

Copyright ©2006 Barry Loper <barry@loper.cc>
All Rights Reserved

Licensed under the MIT open source license. See LICENSE.txt
This script copies files from one folder to another in Copy, Full, or Incremental type backup modes. Files copied are logged in <Destination>\BackupLog.txt. Existing files in the destination are overwritten. A temp file is created with important statistics about the backup and is emailed to an administrator with the BLAT utility.

Please use at your own risk. Don't use unless you understand what the code does. Feel free to use this or parts of this in your own software with or without attribution.

How to use:

  • Configure email settings at the top of the script.
  • Make a text file with one directory per line that you want backed up.
  • Run cscript.exe backup.vbs /mode:<i|c|f> /list:<folderlist.txt> /dest:<destination path>
  • Drink coffee or a beverage of your choice.
  • Check the logs upon completion.